Mississippi Valley State University

July 29, 2016

Social Science Education

SS 100 FUNDAMENTALS OF GEOGRAPHY. A study of the major elements of physical and cultural geography. 3

SS 191 SOCIAL SCIENCE SEMINAR. This course prepares students to acquire those skills and attitudes necessary for success in a university and in his/her career. Additionally, the seminar wil (1) expose students to career inventories and other information which will help them make better choices of an academic major and a career and (2) stress workplace skills and competencies. 1


SS 200 ELEMENTARY SOCIAL STATISTICS. A statistics basic course designed to introduce social science majors to descriptive and inferential statistics, and measures of association. 3

SS 299 WRITING FOR THE SOCIAL SCIENCES. Introduction to reading and documenting social science literature. 3

SS 301 GEOGRAPHY OF NORTH AMERICA. A study of the geographic patterns of the North American continent, and neighboring lands. 3

SS 305 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL RESEARCH. Focuses on problem conceptualization, research design, operational definitions, measurements, and data collections. 3

SS 453 MATERIALS AND METHODS OF TEACHING THE SOCIAL SCIENCES. A study of the social sciences, the selection of materials, teaching procedures equipment and teaching aids, the measurements and evaluation of the results of the results of teaching. 3