Mississippi Valley State University

April 19, 2014


The Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreatino office offers the Bachelor of Science Degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Two degree options are available. A teaching concentration is offered for persons interested in obtaining a license to teach at the K-12 levels and a non-teaching concentration is offered for persons interested in careers in federal, state, and local parks and recreation agencies; comemrcial recreation agencies; campus recreation; military recreation; and voluntary community agencies. The Department also offers a second teaching endorsement consisting of 24 hours of specified course work.

In addition to professional preparation, a major objective of the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation is to contribute to the physical, mental, social and emotional well being of the students of Mississippi Valley State University and the citizens of the Delta region through education, recreation and physical activities. The Department is committed to fostering among the students and citizens at large the knowledge and skills required to address the changing health and wellness needs of our society. Additionally, the Department affords students with permanent disabilities or temporary limitations opportunities to participate in physical education activities that present the least restrictive environment and respect the integrity of total physical, mental and emotional development.