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July 27, 2016

Amazing Achiever

MVSU Athletics Volunteer in Itta Bena

May 05, 2009

April 25, 2009


Bright and early on Saturday, April 25, several athletic teams gave up some of their time for a good cause ... keeping Mississippi beautiful.

In conjunction with the Mayor's Office of the City of Itta Bena, members of the soccer, women's basketball, volleyball and cheerleading squads participated in the Itta Bena City-Wide Clean-Up.  These athletic units were vital parts in the day's effort. 

"I, along with the student-athletes, really enjoyed the time in the city," said women's basketball coach Nate Kilbert.  "This is our thrid year being involved in the project.  We want to thank Mayor Collins and the city for extending the invitation and we look forward to the next endeavour."

Beginning with a 7:30 am gathering on the MVSU campus, the student-athletes were met by Itta Bena Mayor Thelma Collins near the center of the city.  There they broke up into different groups and split up to clean up the city.

"It was a good time for all involved," said William Bright, MVSU director of athletic communications, who also participated in the clean-up.  "It is good when we can find time out of our athletic schedules to spend some time volunteering period.  And our participation in this clean-up effort goes hand-in-hand with MVSU President Dr. Donna H. Oliver's idea of keeping Mississippi Valley State and the community green and clean."

During their time, several citizens of the city pulled over and assisted the student-athletes as they took the morning cleaning up the downtown area of Itta Bena.

Following the effort, Mayor Collins expressed her gratitude to the student-athletes for their efforts and offered her continued support of MVSU athletics.

Joining the student athletes in the event were members of a local Boy Scout troop as well as some key citizens and officials of Itta Bena.

"I am sure that this will not be the last time the MVSU athletic department and its student-athletes take an active role in our community," said Bright.  "It is a win-win situation for MVSU, the athletic department and the community."