Mississippi Valley State University

April 24, 2014

Greenville Higher Education Center

Distance Education at Mississippi Valley State University is the delivery of courses away from the main campus. The University operates one off-campus center where classes are taught in a traditional teaching mode with an instructor being present in each class. The Greenville Higher Education Center (GHEC) is located 40 miles west of the main campus. In addition to the GHEC the University also offers courses in Clarksdale and Marks. MVSU is committed to offering classes throughout the Delta area in a manner that responds to the needs of its citizens. Courses at these sites are taught by MVSU faculty who meet the same standards and prerequisites expected of campus based faculty. Hence, these classes follow the same policies and procedures as all classes taught at the main campus. MVSU/GHEC Courses

 The Office of Online and Extended Education provides administrative coordination and oversees two other distance learning programs—Interactive Video and Online Courses.

Interactive Video Courses: Using compressed video classrooms located on the MVSU main campus, the center and compressed video classrooms located throughout the state and nation, the University is able to expand its credit offerings. Offering courses in this manner allows Distance Education students at various locations to join together when requesting classes.Students can register for and take classes at sites near their homes which will saves time, money and travel.

Online Courses: These are Internet user-friendly courses that allow students to interact with instructor and course mates. Online credit courses are equivalent to their on-campus counterparts and are approved by the appropriate MVSU academic departments. MVSU Online Course



The Office of Online and ExtendedEducation and the Weekend College at Mississippi Valley State University providescredit and non-credit activities, (on and off-campus) for traditional andnon-traditional (21 years old and older) students. Non-traditional students areindividuals who enroll in higher education for the first time or are returningafter a period of separation. Online and Extended Education and Weekend Collegeactivities allow participants to a work toward an undergraduate or Master’s Degree

  ●upgrade professional and paraprofessional skills

 ●document qualifications for licensure or certification

 ●give evidence of personal and vocational growth needed to change careers

 ●increase chances for employment

 ●advance in a present job

 ●learn a new skill to keep abreast of advancing knowledge and technology

 ●improve the quality of personal life through intellectual stimulation and good   health maintenance.

 Vocational and technical courses and workshops are offered for which Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) may be awarded. A CEU represents ten contact hours of participation in an organized non-credit activity under responsible leadership, capable direction and qualified instruction.


 Contact Information:

 Dr. Kenneth Done, Assistant Provost

Online and Extended Education

662-254-3913 or 3625


* Students admitted under the 21-year-old program should contact the Office of Financial

Aid because special provisions apply