Mississippi Valley State University

October 2, 2014

Mission Statement

The Center for Excellence in Student Learning mission is to serve as a learning resource center that academically and socially prepares freshmen students for a successful transition at Mississippi Valley State University. The CESL provides support services for freshman students with 29 hours or less. To ensure students have a holistic and life-long learning experience, the CESL offers the following services; Academic Advisement, Classroom Enrichment, Technology Navigation, First Year Experience (FYE) Activities, Tutorial Services and Accommodation Services for Students with Disabilities.


  • Provide effective and intrusive academic advisement to freshmen students. 
  • Provide a monitor and tracking system for freshmen students with 29 hours or less. 
  • Increase the number of freshman students’ participation in individual or group tutorial services. 
  • Integrate co-curricular activities in the Freshmen Year Experience seminar to enhance students' educational and social experiences 
  • Provide CESL Staff with professional development and training to enhance the quality of academic advisement and delivery of student support services.