Mississippi Valley State University

July 25, 2016

Blues & Abstract Truth Program

The Blues & Abstract Truth: Visiting Scholars Program

This program is designed to bring four (4) visiting scholars to campus during Fall & Spring semesters. The idea scenario is that these visiting scholars would be either visual or performing artist, professional musicians, humanities, or social science scholars, all of whom have respected reputations associated with the Blues tradition. Each visiting scholar spends at least one week "in residence" at MVSU, and prepares and delivers a series of workshops, demonstrations, lectures, or roundtable discussions for targeted audiences of students, faculty & staff on campus, and when & where feasible, at venues in the local community. Additionally, they commit to returning to Valley's campus in June 2006 as featured presenters for Humanities Workshop of the Annual B.B. King Day International Blues Workshop Series. Selected scholars are also featured during plenary sessions as keynote presenter.