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July 28, 2016

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MVSU Hosts Spring Faculty Institute

January 10, 2014

Mississippi Valley State University recently held its Spring Faculty Institute. Faculty members assembled to discuss student success and the role faculty and staff in academic affairs must play in implementing student success at a high level.

Dr. Ivory Nelson, interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, presided over the Institute.

This year’s Institute focused on departmental programs, student learning outcomes and retention of freshman and sophomore students using Grades First.

“It is important that we let everyone know where we are as it relates to student success,” said Dr. Nelson. “Every institution has to examine itself to make sure we are a student centered university.”   

During the Institute, Dr. Nelson brought updates from Academic Affairs. Several department chairs gave presentations that addressed issues at the University and offered a plan of action to resolve the issues. Dr. Constance Bland, Chair of the Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences, gave a presentation on holistic student recruitment and the importance of nurturing those students once they enter the university.

“We are nothing if we aren’t an educational institution that makes a positive impact on the lives of the students that come through our doors,” said Dr. Bland.

Other presenters included Dr. Louis Hall, Chair of Natural Sciences and Environmental Health; Dr. Catherine Singleton-Walker, Chair of Social Work; Dr. Heather M. Toney, Director of Center of Excellence and Student Learning, Samuel Melton, Director of Title III; Jacquelyn Williams, Director of Admissions and Elizabeth Hurssey, Interim Human Resources Director.