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July 30, 2016

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Mallett and Macon Headed to Graduate School

August 21, 2014

Sociology and Political Science graduates, Rickyta Anntionette Mallett of Ridgeland, and Lonell Jovan Macon Jr. of Vicksburg, are headed to graduate school. Macon has been admitted with full funding to Arkansas State University in a Master of Arts in Sociology program. Mallett has been admitted with funding into the Master of Arts in Sociology to the University of Memphis.

“I am more than ecstatic that I have been accepted into a prestigious sociology graduate program,” said Macon. “My professors at the Valley, especially Dr. Persaud, have molded my sociological skills to the point where I was more than prepared for my graduate school interviews. I will be forever grateful for the educational experiences I have received at Mississippi Valley State University.”

According to Mallett, being accepted to graduate school was a major goal. “I feel such privilege to have not only achieved this goal, but for receiving such valuable instruction that has prepared me for this next step in higher education,” said Mallett.  “I would like to personally thank my professors in Sociology and Political Science for investing the time to help develop and mature my intellect for the Globalization and Development program at the University of Memphis. They each pushed me in a different way and I am too forever grateful. As I leave Mississippi Valley, I would like to say, for the record, that Lonell and I were warmly embraced from the front office to the classrooms in the Social Sciences Department. We have had many positive experiences at the Valley.”

“Every year, a professor can identify the students that will excel and maybe one day surpass their own accomplishments,” said Dr. Chandrouti Persaud, Coordinator of Sociology.  “I knew from the first day Mallett and Macon [who were always together] sat down in a sociology class room that they were exceptional students. I was privileged to be their teacher, and I hope to one day read each of their names in print.”